The Alcohol Education

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The Alcohol Education Trust has a very specific role – to provide alcohol education in different ways, to students age 11 - 18 (via schools) and their parents. Below you will find separate dedicated areas for parents and teachers.

With teachers and parents as trustees, the AET works to ensure that you as parents have as much information as possible at your fingertips to help your children make the right choices about alcohol as they get older.

For teachers, we provide evaluated, evidence based, imaginative and adaptable resources, films, worksheets and lesson plans to ensure you can provide informative and engaging lessons on alcohol in PSHE and science for KS3 and KS4.

The Alcohol Education Trust has a separate dedicated website with over 500 pages of lesson plans, interactive games for parents, teachers and 11 - 16 year olds via:


TEACHERS' AREAparents booklet

Teacher resources:

PARENTS' AREAparents booklet

  • Talking to kids about alcohol
  • The right message for the right age group
  • Practical ways to delay teenage drinking
  • Perfect parents
  • Alcohol and the law
  • Parents share their experiences and tips

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