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Our educational materials and lesson plans are listed by subject to make lesson planning simple. There are different levels of resources for different age groups and abilities, together with short film clips and hand out sheets.

Under the Resources sub-menu, you will find all you need to know to teach effectively: Alcohol and its effects,  Alcohol and the law,  Staying safe, Units and guidelines.

We have also structured our resources by age group (See the Resources by Year Group sub-menu).

If you would like to order a hard copy of our  100 page teacher workbook (normally free for schools), our guide for parents or older teenagers or join our newsletter mailing, please email: kate@alcoholeducationtrust.org

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BBC Alan's StorySee our new teacher notes and lesson plans based on the BBC ‘Just a few drinks’ clips  


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Helena Conibear, Director, AET

“Teachers have a range of experience and expertise and in most cases have a firm idea of what they wish to teach about alcohol. Against this background, the Alcohol Education Trust has developed a series of resources that allows teachers to ‘pick and mix’ suitable resources by ability, knowledge, experience, time available and age group to complement the subjects they wish to cover”

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