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You may think your children will encounter alcohol whatever you do, so what’s the point of talking about alcohol?

Well, the first part is true; your kids will come across alcohol via their friends, at parties and in their everyday lives as they get older. 45% of 15 year-olds in the UK drink alcohol – fact. However, 99% of 11 year-olds do not – some will have tasted alcohol in the family home or at a celebration, but it is at this age – between 11-13 that their drinking habits for the future will be formed – and you, in kids’ opinion, are the most important influence in their lives through: the examples you set, the house rules, the allowance and freedoms you allow them.

As your teenagers get older knowing about the law, keeping them safe and setting boundaries are key too. This website gives tips and guidance for you to approach the issue of drinking with your children, teenagers or students.

Talking about it early on will help your child to understand alcohol and its effects, and make sensible choices about drinking in the future.

At what age should you start talking?

talk to kids

Different approaches and ideas for different age groups


Ways to delay teenage drinking


Practical ideas to keep your kids engaged and away from temptation



perfect parents

Top tips on keeping things under control


Are you alcohol aware?

alcohol units

Units and guidelines, and guidelines for those under 18


If it all goes wrong


Who to contact if you’re worried that things are out of control. How to look after someone who has drunk too much and more


Parent fact file


Does what you say really make a difference? Facts and figures and setting boundaries


Alcohol and the law

Alcohol and the Law

Buying by proxy, drinking at home and in licensed premises or public places – where do you stand?