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Dryvember – have a go at saying no!

Knowing that December is full of boozy Christmas parties, late nights and celebrations, why not give your body a good ‘pretox’ and take a break from the booze this November and prepare yourself for the festive season!

By taking on the challenge you’re sure to look your best and slip into that cocktail dress a little easier, or tighten a notch on your belt while saving a few quid. You’ll then be on top form for the festive season – the challenge will help you save up for it too!

So go on, have a go at saying no, get thinking about your drinking – you can try a week, a half marathon of 13 days or the full monty of 26 days! We’ve allowed you days to fall off the wagon if it helps so you don’t miss out on special occasions.

We are delighted that you are keen to make a difference and Dryvember a month to remember!

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The money you donate will help The Alcohol Education Trust make a real difference in schools across Britain – we train teachers, reach out to parents and support pupils aged 11–18 with the talkaboutalcohol programme. Talkaboutalcohol is proven to delay the uptake of drinking among our kids – that means better GCSE results, less smoking and experimenting with other things too.